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The magic and the memory image

In the charm of the old optical instruments and photography laboratory of the Zoological Station and in the photographs of Ivana Boris

Anton Dohrn Zoological Station of Naples - Villa Comunale
11 February-31 March 2016
Monday to Friday, 10.00-17.00
Free admission - visits schools on reservation
(Preview and presentation to the press, Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 13:00)

The route begins with the representation of a visible reality, which poses a reflection on the use of images as, not only through our senses. It continues with the exhibition of some instruments (microscopes, enlargers, projectors ...) with which the man wanted to overcome the limitations imposed by their own bodies, to know and also represent images of what is Invisible to the naked eye. Photographic equipment in use in laboratories of the Zoological Station (by the diver for the first Polaroid cameras and SLR) then bring the invention of photography, by which man was able to capture an image MATERIAL; while exposure of film tools (dryers films, cameras, projectors), remind us how we got to represent even the movement. The final part of the exhibition propels us towards a digital image that, in addition to its huge production potential, transmission and sharing, confronts us with the search for new ways and means with which to maintain ... "the magic and memory ". Each theme offers food for thought for each visitor, while also offering the ability to explode the most significant in educational courses to be offered to schools.
The exhibition is enriched by evocative photographs of Ivana Boris, who represented the magic and movement of nature in the photographic series "The beat of time." Born from the meeting with
the Zoological Station Anton Dohrn, the series is part of a new research project on the relationship between the artist visual arts and science.

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